Essay about Bosnia


Essay about Bosnia: Topic Ideas

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  • Introduction is the place to present your topic, formulate the purpose of writing, and state the scope of research
  • Discussion section of your essay about Bosnia may include the historical roots of enmity of the Bosnian people. Analyze origin of crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • You can describe disintegration of Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia.
  • You may show in your essay about Bosnia the first stage of peacemaking (August, 1991 - 1993): Z. Kutilero's plan. S. Vznsa's plan, D. Ouena's plan, etc.
  • Give the reasons of failure of the first stage of peace-making initiates.
  • Consider the second stage of peace-making process - the so-called plan of Contact group.
  • Take into account the Dayton peace agreement: substantive provisions, agreement estimation, etc.
  • Writing essay about Bosnia, review a role of the USA and NATO in the course of conflict settlement.

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Essay about Bosnia: Sources of Data

The sources which can be used in your essay about Bosnia can be classified as follows:

- Official documents of the international organizations, such as the United Nations Organization, the International Tribunal across the former Yugoslavia;

- Diplomatic documents, the internal political certificates including the departmental documentation, parliamentary reports, correspondence of officials;

- Materials of statistical and auxiliary character;

Essay about Bosnia: Custom Writing

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