Essay Example on Cause of Crime


Essay Example on Cause of Crime

Causes of crime are many and you cannot cover all of them sufficiently in your essay. Therefore, you should focus your essay to several key causes of crime and develop your essay on the chosen aspects. For example, you can write an essay about the alcoholism and its effect on crime. Alternatively, you may try to establish the link between crime and poverty. The following essay sample covers several causes of crime. We hope you will find a couple of useful ideas to develop your own essay. In addition, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with essay writing or looking for any type of assistance. Moreover, we deliver free essay outline and cover page with every essay we write. 

Cause of Crime: Essay Excerpt

Since people must recognize other abundant causes of crime than drink, but also that intemperance, if not a primary cause of crime, may have been an excitant to misconduct of secondary or even remoter importance, the first step in this investigation was to devise a scheme of inquiry which, although brief and simple, would bring out the essential facts in their proper relations. Our executive essay writers take note that it has been sought to cover the all-important ground by a schedule containing these queries: --

"Did any of the following causes lead to a condition which induced the crime: (a) Unfavorable environment of birth and early life, such as parental neglect, want of education, etc.? (b) Lack of industrial training? (c) Intemperance: (personal?) (ancestral?) (of associates?)"

It might have been interesting to elaborate the schedule, asking with regard to intemperance, for instance, when drinking first began; when habitual inebriety became fixed; whether any deep-seated malady had followed or preceded intemperance, either causing it or not; whether vitality had in some way become exhausted before intemperance became a habit, etc. But brevity and simplicity were essential in order to get any results. By demanding consideration of perhaps the two most fruitful generic causes of crime besides intemperance, it was hoped that the main factors in the production of criminals could be studied, not only independently, but in their relation to each other. As a further means to this end, the investigator was requested to "state relative rank of the causes enumerated (a, b, c,), if more than one of them must be considered in the present case." That is, the causes were to be grouped according to their relative importance as first, second, or third. The schedule also called for information relating to place of birth, kind of crime for which committed, and whether it was a felony or misdemeanor. The last-mentioned distinction seemed important in view of the generally accepted fact that the proportion of misdemeanants whose criminal career has been influenced by the liquor habit is very much greater than that of felons. To maintain this distinction in the tabulation was, however, impossible, because the terms felony and misdemeanor lack a uniform definition in the laws of different States. Moreover, from the nature of the prisons dealt with, the percentage of convicts committed for misdemeanors was insignificant in proportion to their whole number. It seemed prudent to restrict the investigation to convicts in state prisons and reformatories for adults.

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