Essay Writing Example


Essay Writing Example

Essay writing example is provided here to give you an example of how a good essay should look like. Essay examples are good for starters, those students who not experienced in essay writing. However, you should rely on essay example as it may not be in the same style you need.  I hope the following essay example inspires you to write your own masterpiece! writers are open 24/7 to help you with writing.

Examples of Persuasive Essays

Example of essay writing 'Candlelighters Parent Groups'

...You only die once. For the body this may be right; for the human spirit it does not hold true. The family faced with the diagnosis of cancer in a child dies many times in spirit; at diagnosis, at relapse, at the time when they realize that their child will not be one of the lucky survivors, and at the time of the child's death. The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation is the organizational, educational, and liaison arm of a worldwide net-work of self-help groups of the parents of children who have cancer. In these groups, parents share their feelings, experiences, questions, and answers about living with childhood cancer. They exchange their own expertise in the care of sick or dying children and in dealing with extended families, well siblings, friends, schools, employers, and the community.

Candlelighters understands that families are bundles of individual needs, and that different families need different resources at different times. It is a primary concern of Candlelighters to locate or act as a catalyst for the creation of services and to promote the interaction of services for family mental health wherever we have parent support groups. Candlelighters promotes the mental health of the families of children with cancer by group counseling, individual counseling, referrals to professional counseling, parent and teenage peer support meetings, hotlines, education and information programs, the provision of materials on coping for families and the professionals who work with them, financial counseling services, hospital and home volunteer visitor programs, and support organizations.

Some families find hospitals and hospital programs unappealing. Some respond negatively to community mental health programs if they perceive that they are treated as "crazy" rather than stressed. In these instances, peer support may be attractive to them...

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