Essay Writing Examples


Essay Writing Examples

Here is a basic essay model that you can base your essay on. One of the possible essay writing examples could be on the topic-‘Dogs as Man’s best friend’ The introduction of such an essay can start by stating that while it is commonly believed that a dog is man’s best friend-this is not to say that cat’s or even squirrels can’t make friendly pets. This can lead to your thesis statement in which you agree or disagree with the topic.

Notice how some really good essay writing examples that you read always begin with an interesting or captivating sentence or a quote to draw in the attention of the reader-notice how these essay writing examples then lead into thesis statements like…

  • “Even though many people swear that a dog is man’s best friend there have been cases of people taming and living with baby lions that are nearly as affectionate as a dog.”

The next few sentences can validate this sentence by describing the actual experience of people that have tamed and kept baby lions as pets. “Baby lions love to play and snuggle up for a cuddle.” Notice how good essay writing examples never make a claim without validating it in the next sentence. This is done by validating what has been said with some solid evidence and examples since these will add credibility to your essay:

  • “Contrary to what people believe baby lions can be trained and are every bit as affectionate and loving as dogs. It is really difficult to resist a baby lion when it looks at you with beguiling eyes and wants you to tickle it under the chin…”

Basically, an essay must consist of less fluff and more substance. Never say anything without backing up what you say with solid examples or by quoting from a knowledgeable source.

It is always a good idea to highlight a point each per paragraph and to elaborate on this point in a couple of sentences. The opening line of the next paragraph must use a transition word or phrase to maintain a logical flow. Good essay writing examplesshould end with a concluding paragraph that wraps up any loose ends and reinforces your thesis statement by reiterating the main points of your essay.

  • “So we find that due to reasons x, y and z it makes sense to say that with the right bonding and affectionate ties even a baby lion can be man’s best friend.”

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