Essay Writing Guide


Essay Writing Guide

College essay writing is a specific work that demonstrates student’s knowledge and skills in definite discipline. The main goal of the essay writing is to persuade the reader in the actuality of the problem and to give a possible solution to problem from the point of view of a student. English essay writing is expected to be an independent work of a student.  According to the experience of our professional writers, there is a number of mistakes (errors) students tend to make while writing their essays. The following essay writing tips are presented here to help you avoid the most common errors done in introduction, main part, and conclusion.

Errors in the introduction:

  • Failure to include a clear thesis statement defining the topic and setting the direct for essay writing
  • Mixing the notions: “object of study” and “subject of study”;
  • Statement of the purpose, objectives, scientific innovation and practical significance, which is not disclosed in the body of essay writing;
  • Indication of the knowledge base that is not used in the main body of the essay.
  • Terms definition – vagueness.

Errors in the main part:

Errors in the conclusion:

  • Triviality and obviousness;
  • Formulation of the interim results;
  • The use of statements that are not essential for the essay writing and do not flow from the purpose of research.

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