Essays on the Intranet


Essays on the Intranet

Intranet is a private computer network used by a limited number of people who have access to it. The perfect example of intranet is a school computer system. Intranet is a system based on the Internet technologies but the sharing of information is more protected due to the limited number of users and the specifics of the operational systems. If you are writing essays on the intranet, this article is useful for you.

Essays on the Intranet Facts

In this section you will find some basic facts about the intranet to be including in the introductory or background section of your paper.

Intranet is built upon the same technologies as the Internet (client-server computing)

Intranet is the private or restricted version of the internet confined to the specific institution, organization, or a group of people

Intranet appeared in early 1990s in universities

Intranet has restricted access even though it may also be accessible for any approved party

Intranet does not necessary has access to the Internet

Intranet is believed to foster collaboration and used as a corporate platform in all major corporations

Topics Ideas for Essays on Intranet

If you are not sure how to start writing an essay on intranet, read the following topics ideas. In addition, you may review the list of good essay topics and topics for a research paper on our blog.

What are the benefits of Intranet for companies?

What is the function of Intranet at university or college?

What is more secure: Intranet or Internet?

Does intranet contribute to more timely decisions?

Is Intranet a powerful tool for communication?

What is the history of Intranet emergence?

>What are the differences and similarities of the Intranet and the Internet?

Essays on the Intranet Custom Writing

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