Example of a Term Paper


Example of a Term Paper

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Example of a Term Paper: Abortion and Religion

Papal, as well as theological, opinion varied on the abortion with the times. Pope Gregory IX (1227-1241) declared that abortion was acceptable if performed before the fetus had moved, usually during the first forty days. But more than three hundred years later in 1588 Pope Sixtus V announced that all abortions were murder. And three years later in 1591 a new pope, Gregory XIV, revoked all penalties except for abortion after the forty-day period. This Church law lasted until 1869 when Pope Pius IX returned to the sanctions of Sixtus V and eliminated the distinction between an animated and a non-animated fetus and disallowed abortion at any time. This makes the present Church attitude condemning abortion only one hundred years old. A good Catholic woman living in the six hundred years between the thirteenth and the nineteenth centuries (except during the three years of Pope Sixtus' pronouncement) could have had an abortion during the first forty days of her pregnancy and remained a good Catholic, while today abortion is banned and the rule of 1588 is followed. Pope Pius' ban on abortion in 1869 was supposedly done in an effort to counteract the spread of contraception and also as a result of the new scientific understanding of when, where and how fertilization takes place. After centuries of debate, the Church has reversed itself several times, alternating between conservative and liberal phases on its attitude toward abortion. Now, of course, it takes the view that to destroy the fertilized ovum is tantamount to murder. Pope Pius XI in 1930 said that "The life of each [mother and fetus] is equally sacred and no one has the power, not even the public authority, to destroy it."

Today the Church is still strongly opposed to abortion. Thirty Roman Catholic bishops meeting in New York recently issued a statement reaffirming their position that "the Church disowns by immediate excommunication any Catholic who deliberately procures an abortion or helps someone else to do so." The letter called the state abortion law an "outrage against humanity." The letter went on to say that "each day they [abortionists] grow wealthier from the killing of unborn children -- some of whom have been heard to cry as they were dropped into surgical trash cans."

In response to this, Dr. Jean Pakter, director of Maternity and Newborn Services for the New York City Department of Health, described the letter as "hysterical." She said that a total of twenty-six fetuses were born alive after legal abortions in New York and several were beyond the twenty-four-week legal limit for abortions.

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