Example of Argumentative Essay


Example of Argumentative Essay

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Free Example of Argumentative Essay

Rationalization theory is a powerful tool in putting long-range historical processes into perspective. The overriding ethos of industrial society-a cost-accounting mentality and the urge to build and control institutions--helps explain both the ethos of urban revivalism and the ethos of religious television. The ethos of both reflects the historical periods in which they developed. The ethos of revivalism and its use of appropriate means fits into an era dominated by industrial capitalism; the ethos of religious television and the notion of God's technology fits neatly into the postindustrial era, in which technology will "solve" all our social problems. As part of the business and entrepreneurial tradition, televangelists are businessmen for the Lord. They are eager to seize available opportunities to sell the gospel through mass communications. They pursue their goals of winning souls and building teleministries without hesitation, never questioning the appropriateness of using television to do so. Neither are they encumbered by denominational deliberations. Rather, their concern is how to use television effectively. Schooled in pragmatism, televangelists know how to reach the individual Christian, offering hope and love to ameliorate fear and anxiety and, perhaps more importantly, offering membership into their television communities as a means of acknowledging the viewers' importance to them.

In addition to the use of any appropriate means to win souls, members of the electric church value the dynamics of a free-market economy in modern life, including competition for religious beliefs. They believe that the free market will recalibrate the economic system and the religious system and, because of this strongly held mindset, they claim to oppose federal government regulation and intervention. Despite their rejection of Darwinism, they equate successful competition with worthiness and confidently compete with other religious groups and organizations. One way they compete is by reaching out to those evangelicals who are nonaffiliated or disenchanted with their congregations. Another is by competing for the same, already established audience, as illustrated by Oral Roberts fighting to maintain his top-ranked position but losing to Jimmy Swaggart, or the fortunes of Rex Humbard and James Robison waning, but those of Pat Robertson and Jim Bakker rising.

Several related phenomena appear during such competition. First, the teleministries act like other institutions in similar situations. They try new program techniques. They hire new technical-professional staff. They contrive events to get their names in the papers and on television. They diversify their business activities by offering hotel facilities, special tours of their studios, schools for the children of viewers, and, in one case, a theme park. In short, they engage in the business of staying in business, and, in the process, lose their uniqueness and mystery.

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