Example of Essay Writing


Example of Essay Writing

According to our competent essay writers, If is always useful to read a couple of examples of essay writing. Indeed, having a great example of written essay in front of you gives you confidence to proceed with your own writing. The following excerpts of essays are posted here with the hope to assist you with your essay writing. The first sample is argumentative essay on death while the second one is persuasive essay on the same issue.

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Examples of Argumentative Essays

…We are all familiar with the fact that college essays devoted to the topic of death have increased dramatically within the last decade or so. Interest has been directed not only to the act of dying, but also to related essays topics such as euthanasia, capital punishment, abortion, heart transplants, and after-death experiences. One result of this increased attention to such college essays topics is that children are frequently exposed to death concerns. In addition, since the media attention given to the Kennedy assassination, there has been a societal imprimatur for children to participate in funeral services and mourning rituals.

Finally, we have come to acknowledge the existence of childhood depression and suicide, phenomena that previously were denied. Thus, discussions of current argumentative essays topic related to death are now more widely disseminated. We have clearer notions of children's interest in and exposure to death-related college essay topics, and are more aware that children must think about death and dying. Paradoxically, children have less first-hand exposure to death within a close familial setting, since grandparents and elderly relatives are often sequestered in their own homes, in retirement villages, or in institutions. Children no longer witness the playing out of the entire life cycle…

Examples of Persuasive Essays

…Many of us may have difficulty dealing with the essays topics of death. Research indicates that teenagers may have particular problems coping with the loss of a loved one. One reason is that teenagers do not have much exposure to death beyond the television set and therefore have no real experience in dealing with it. Today's teenagers may well be the first generation that has been so insulated from personal experience with death. The use of various preventive techniques and new drugs has greatly diminished mortality among children. Those within the growing population of aged persons are less subject than their predecessors to death from acute illnesses such as pneumonia.

Most deaths among the elderly now result from chronic and degenerative diseases and usually occur in hospitals or nursing homes. Death is removed from sight by the fact that grandmothers and grandfathers die in institutions rather than at home. Of the 2 million people who will die this year in the United States, two-thirds will be 65 years of age or older. Teenagers account for 6 percent of deaths in the United States. The most common causes of these deaths are automobile accidents, drug abuse, fad diets, and an increasing number of suicides…

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