Example of Term Paper


Example of Term Paper

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Example of Term Paper on Egypt

The unification of Egypt was traditionally ascribed to Menes the first Pharaoh, whom Egyptologists equate with Narmer (or perhaps Merinar), a king whose monuments have been found at Hierakonpolis and Abydos near which the dynasty originated. The material remains of this period are scanty and come mostly from greatly damaged tombs at Saqqara and the no less ruined cenotaphs at Abydos. Perhaps if our picture were more complete we should be able to see that the transition from the culture of Predynastic to that of Pharaonic Egypt was gradual, but at this distance of time, it has all the appearance of a sudden efflorescence. It may be that the cessation of sectarian strife and the concentration of effort under one leader stimulated a great upsurge in all manner of creative enterprises.

According to a tradition which Herodotus records, Menes was accredited with founding 'White Walls' as a Residence City, later to be called Memphis, on ground reclaimed by diverting the course of the Nile at the junction of Upper and Lower Egypt. He also undertook larger irrigation and drainage schemes in the vicinity, a policy to which subsequent kings must have been committed by the magical powers they were supposed to exercise over the Nile flood, and by the demands of a growing population. A steadily increasing prosperity is to be inferred from the progressive size and magnificence of the tombs of this dynasty. The large timber joists and roofing beams used in these constructions suggest that trade with the Lebanon was extensive. A rock-relief of Djer the third king of the dynasty has come to light near Buhen in the Sudan and shows that some attempt was already being made to control the savage tribes even of this remote Southern region, probably by armed forays.

The monuments of Dynasty II are even scantier than those of Dynasty I. The Royal tombs of the period have not yet been found though they probably await discovery under the Saqqara sands. Cenotaphs have, however, been uncovered by Petrie at Abydos. It would appear that, as so often happens in Egyptian history, the new rulers were inimical to the family they supplanted. An echo of rebellion and religious strife is faintly caught in the fragmentary records that have survived. All the tombs and cenotaphs of Dynasty I have been deliberately and openly fired, and of the rich treasure that they once contained only a few tantalizing scraps exist. This contention at the very head of affairs must have retarded the growth of the Pharaonic State and reduced its prestige and prosperity.

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