Examples of Persuasive Essays


Examples of Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essay writing is one of the common college works. You must remember that essay writing consists of introduction, main text and conclusion. The structure of the main body depends on what the argumentative persuasive essay topics are asking you to do. In the case of a discussion type essay, the main body should be divided into two parts: one looking at the advantages of the topic and the other looking at the disadvantages. A plan for the first example might look like this:

Topic:  Academic qualifications are of little practical benefit in the real world.

  • Essay Introduction: variety of different qualifications; different methods of assessment.
  • Benefits: international standards for professions, e.g. doctors; students have chance to study latest theories; qualifications lead to better salaries and promotion.
  • Drawbacks: many successful people don't have qualifications; many qualified people don't have jobs.
  • Essay Conclusion: qualifications are useful but are not the guarantees of success.

Writing Persuasive Essay

Effective note-making is a key persuasive essay writing skill with a number of practical uses. Good note-making techniques lead to accurate essays. Although you are the only person who will read your notes, clarity and organization are still very important. Pay attention to headings, listings, abbreviations ('N/S') and symbols. You need to develop your own style for note-making, as you will have to read your notes later. Do not abbreviate too much or you may find the notes impossible to understand in the future.

Writing an Essay

Paraphrasing involves changing a text of your English essays writing.  This skill is useful in academic essays writing. Effective paraphrasing is vital for college essays writing as it helps to avoid the risk of plagiarizing. Although paraphrasing techniques are used for summary writing, paraphrasing does not aim to shorten the length of a text.

For example: Evidence of a lost civilization has been found on the coast of China. Could be paraphrased as: Remains of an ancient society have been discovered near the coastal China.


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