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Frankenstein is a well-known novel which requires careful reading and critical analysis. Writing a Frankenstein coursework you need to pay attention to avoid creating a summary of the novel instead of critical analysis.

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Frankenstein Coursework Excerpt

In the story Frankenstein, the main genre is gothic horror. Horror is usually recognized on fear, terror, fright and suffering. Its mainstay is to frighten readers and make them realize terror is occurring so, therefore, contains frightening scenes. One of the distinctive features of many horror stories is the setting and nature and in Frankenstein the depressing glacial fields of the Alps and the dreary mist of the Arctic shows remoteness of the two central characters; Victor and his creation. Another part of horror in Frankenstein is the element of the dark side of human nature, when a monstrous creation is unleashed which leads to the idea of horror because monsters are usually associated with committing acts of killing on innocent people.

The structure of Frankenstein can be slightly complicated because it has several narrators and they both share their own views on the events which have occurred. The novel begins in typical novel fashion by starting the story in the middle of things and then launch into a series of flashbacks which make it difficult to foretell coming events. Captain Robert Walton writes to his sister Margaret Saville about his adventures, which the reader looks in upon in a distinctive epistolary novel style. Then Victor recounts his story to Walton, who takes notes and sends them to his sister. Then the monster tells Victor about his or its quest, which Victor recounts to Walton.

Starting with Walton when he writes to his sister, his letters are like a diary and become somewhat quite personal. When he begins writing his letters, his point of view begins neutral. But after he meets Frankenstein he becomes prejudiced and begins to understand Frankenstein's feelings and sympathises towards him. But when he meets the monster, Walton's views change again because he sympathises with the monster. The novel is then told from Frankenstein's point of view until the closing pages when we hear from the monster. This will affect the reader as they would automatically feel the most sympathy for whoever tells the story, as the speaker would naturally tell things from their perspective, and they would open up about their feelings.

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