Global Warming Essay


Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Essay Sample

In many people's judgment, the risk of a nuclear war is now moving into the zero-infinity area; the chances of such an event are dwindling, but the deaths of hundreds of millions of people are nonetheless likely if the event occurs. Other environmental risks seem to be moving toward what we would call a "likely-infinity" situation - one where the probabilities may be 20 to 50 percent or more, with hundreds of millions or even billions of lives hanging in the balance. Rapid climate change due to global warming is in this category, as ozone depletion will be if the recently agreed protocol to end the use of CFCs and halons is not complied with, or if some still-unknown factor in atmospheric chemistry (similar to the unexpected ice-cloud chemistry that created the Antarctic ozone hole) makes that protocol inadequate.

There are two other important issues related to the zero??? infinity problem. One is that few people would judge as equal two risks measured as "one death per year" if in one case that risk were generated by a 1 in 10,000 chance of a disaster killing 10,000 people and in the other a 1 in 2 chance of killing 2 people per year. There is a soundly based aversion to running the risk of big, concentrated disasters (which are likely to have psychological and social consequences very different from risks causing gradual attrition). 16 Most people consider some disasters too big to entertain the risk no matter how small the probabilities. If a nuclear reactor accident could kill everyone on Earth, few would deem it tolerable to generate electricity with nuclear power even if the annual accident probability were only one in a trillion. We suspect that if people were well informed on the consequences of very rapid climatic change or the extermination of most of Earth's life forms, they would find the activities promoting them intolerable as well.

The second issue is that people often find the infinity more believable than the zero. People understand that experts are more successful at estimating the consequences of big disasters than in estimating their probability. There was no question about the consequences of the Titanic sinking; it was the probability of its sinking that the experts miscalculated. So the public doesn't really believe that the risk stays constant as the consequences rise and the probability falls.

Global Warming Essay Writing Service

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