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Good writers are not born, they are trained. Similarly, good essays are written with inspiration and patience.  Yes, you cannot write a good essay rushing through writing.  You should give your mind an opportunity to think about the topic, to generate supporting details, to organize your writing, and proofread the drafts.  Below is the short sample of good essay.  Do not copy it!  Read it and make notes.  Pay attention to the sentence structure and paragraphing. If you need help with your own writing, do not hesitate to request professional essay writing help at our site.  Our essay writing services are affordable, legal, and absolutely confidential.  There is also a free blog with numerous sample essays, term papers, research papers and much in our writing blog.

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Any attempt to understand the female preponderance in depression must explain both the long-term and the short-term trends. Conventional explanations have assumed that the female preponderance in depression has been a long-term trend. Most of the studies do support this, and the data that exist from the nineteenth century indicate a female preponderance of depression. These enduring trends can be interpreted as supporting either the biological or the social status theories.

On the other hand, recent evidence suggests short-term trends. There has been an increase in the rates of depression, especially among young women, manifested by rising suicide attempt rates among young women and by high attendance by women at psychiatric outpatient clinics. This has prompted speculation about the possible role of recent historical changes, especially the presumed pathogenic pressures of modern life. Rising expectations, increased life events, separations, and loss of attachment bonds are all risk factors of depression that have been suggested as mechanisms by which social change can be psychic stressors. These stressors are proposed to have a greater impact on women because of their more vulnerable social position.

Rate increases in depression have been reported to have occurred during earlier periods of rapid social change. Schwab has pointed to possible historical parallels to the current era in late Elizabethan and early seventeenth-century England, when depression was described to have reached epidemic proportions. Similarly, Rosen, citing the example of late eighteenth-century England, quotes Edgar Shepherd who, attributing the rise in mental illness to the "wear and tear of a civilization," speculated on the reasons for the differential prevalences of mental disorder between the sexes.

Rising expectations, access to new opportunities, and efforts to redress the social inequalities of women have been suggested as further explanation for the recent increase in depression among women. Depressions may occur not when things are at their worse, but when there is a possibility of improvement and a discrepancy between one's rising aspirations and the likelihood of fulfilling these wishes. The women's movement, governmental legislation, and efforts to improve educational and employment opportunities for women have created higher expectations. Social and economic achievements often have not kept pace with the promises, especially in a decreasing job market and where long-standing discriminatory practices perpetuate unequal opportunities. These new role expectations may also create intrapsychic personal conflicts, particularly for those women involved in traditional family tasks but who also desire employment and recognition outside the family.

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