Good Term Paper Topics


Good Term Paper Topics

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Good Term Paper Sample

Many hospitals are so convinced of the necessity of fondling and close physical contact while an infant is nursing that such is even prescribed on the order chart for those babies who must be fed by bottle. "This baby must be held in someone's arms while taking the bottle". Certainly this is a precaution that is not taken in most orphanages, asylums, and almshouses, and it is one of the reasons why institutionalization of infants is never recommended if there is any other possibility.

Ribble feels that very widespread physiological and psychological effects result from breast feeding and the mothering that should go with, it. She mentions the following as "favorable effects of unrestricted sucking": Deeper and more regular breathing (all of which stimulates flow of blood to the brain with attendant brain development); better sleep, digestion and elimination; earlier focusing of eyes and grasping of objects; earlier vocalization and articulate speech. Since Ribble reports no scientific control of the innumerable factors that bring about infant development, it is hard to say how much of the physiological and psychological superiority of her group of babies was due to "unrestricted sucking." However, there has been no question in the minds of pediatricians and psychologists for a number of years that the early nursing and feeding experiences of a child do have a profound effect upon the child's personality and his reactions to people and to life in general, as well as upon his health. Sherbon says: "With very, very few exceptions, every mother can nurse her baby. With almost no exception, every mother should nurse her baby."

In addition to breast feeding, physicians today recommend the introduction of supplementary foods, such as orange juice and certain vegetable purees, as early as the second or third month. This not only increases the supply of needed nutriments, but helps to prevent abrupt and emotionally devastating weaning from the breast. In this connection, we may stop long enough to mention an obsession that many modern parents have developed. For the last few years we have been told that we should not feed a baby every time he cries. Instead, the instructions say, we should accustom him to regular feeding periods with regular intervals between in which he should not be fed even if he does cry. Now, this program may be and probably is sound doctrine for babies that are well and babies that are receiving adequate nourishment from their food.

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