Graduate Admission Essay


Graduate Admission Essay: What Does Admission Committee Want To Find In Your Essays?

  • Of course, reading essays, admission committees are interested in your potential for making professional contributions. But, firstly you will have to write admission essay and get through a demanding academic program.
  • The best predictors of future academic success are past ability to write attractive essays as well as to complete academic work successfully. Because getting into a graduate school is competitive, admission essay writing is very important as well as a justifiable criterion for selection committees to apply.

College Admission Essays: Recommendations

College admissions essay task is the same for all applicants regardless of the college, to which they are applying. Very often, however, the college requires one or two entrance essays:

Admission essays topics vary: it may be information about your past life experiences or your future plans. Although many admission essay topics are readily apparent, each faculty will have its own desired emphasis as well as its own subtleties.

Admission committee wants to convince in your essay writing skills.

Application essay writing demonstrates how you can present yourself, what are your life values, etc.

Sample Admission Essays

Read the part of admission essay writing.

…I love people. During my college search, the students on each campus helped me to determine, whether that university was a place I could attend. My first impression of a campus helped me discern fact from fiction. Every school provided shiny brochures, which contained beautiful landscaping and smiling faces. They all agreed, “I love it here!” But a PENN student said, “There's ALWAYS something to do.” And still, another advised, “I've made so many new friends here.” One junior even let my family see her dorm room, while one of my little sisters used the bathroom! This school spirit and excitement were very worth for me...

Writing has always been a passion of mine. It has allowed me to express the thoughts that dance around in my head. Perhaps writing for PENN Review or Red and Blue will give me that opportunity. I hope to continue writing throughout college as a way of exploring a career path that I have considered while in high school: journalism.

Throughout my high school career, I've had the opportunity to interact with others through sports and volunteer work. Although my varsity status will be left behind in a high school, the passion to play will not be. I look forward to playing intramural sports and fueling that competitive engine once again with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement…

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