Great Expectations Essay


Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations Essay Sample

The distinctive comedy in Great Expectations is the result of the multitude of collisions. The major collisions shock Pip into realizing that he is an intruder. The pervasiveness of collisions--characters battering each other with their private languages, objects senselessly asserting themselves against each other, parts of bodies assaulting one another--create the real anxiety. The distinctive terror in Great Expectations comes from the discovery that the world in which Pip finds himself an intruder is not homogeneous, that the forces directed against him are infinite and infinitely different.

Dickens did not sustain his comic terror to the extent of any of the more modern writers I am discussing, probably because he was much more optimistic about the possibilities for social progress. Yet what makes Great Expectations far more than a piece of social satire is that he so thoroughly interrelated the social and natural orders, showing them both to be parts of the same capricious and heterogeneous process. There is no way of telling whether Pip's nightmare is reality or his response to reality, whether it is the result of an unjust and menacing social system or whether the social system is unjust and menacing because of natural human drives. Miss Havisham, the weird goddess figure who proves not to be a goddess; Magwitch, the figure of natural and social menace who turns out to embody Fortune; Orlick, the figure of irrational evil, brought to life, as it were, by the accident of Pip's continuing good fortune; and Joe, the figure of unreasoning goodness--all collide with Pip as members of society, but they are also projections of Pip's natural desires and possibilities.

Some of the most important collisions in the novel externalize conflicting inner drives, and these are related to collisions in the outer reality of Society and Nature. Pip is so entangled in and excluded from such a thoroughly chaotic world that there is no basis for distinguishing between the psychological and the physical, the individual and the social. The two-dimensional point of view is not just the conjunction of youth and age, but of perspectives that are simultaneously rebellious and adjustive. Although the story moves toward the adjustive, a deep sense of the reality he created kept Dickens at first from writing a happy ending. And even in the revised ending, written as a concession to popular taste, there is a strain of ambivalence based on the impossibility of harmony or final adjustment in the world of Great Expectations.

Great Expectations Essay: Custom Writing

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