High School Term Paper


High School Term Paper: What Are The Important Advices?

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The Structure Of High School Term Paper

The structure of this high school term paper is unusually simple and well thought-out.

1.    Introduction

High school term paper introduction depends on a high school term paper kind (description, reasoning, persuasion).

The descriptive term paper is based on consideration and discussion of any product or article, someone's work. Introduction of it includes the name of the author and the name of its product, the thesis of the author, the main ideas of the high school term paper and your thesis.

The term paper reasoning is rather informal kind of the high school term paper, because you express the thoughts and a unique kind paper in which the pronoun "I" use is possible. Introductions of such high school term paper should contain short history, which opens the reason, which has forced you to consider this, or that topic.

The term paper- persuasion is reasoning on any urgent question (a problem of abortions, reasonable increase in taxes to health services etc.). Use of a pronoun "I" is unacceptable.

The arrangement of the main ideas and the thesis is unconditioned (preferably your thesis finishes introduction), but the main thing that components of introduction should be accurately noted.

Introduction should enumerate main ideas in ascending order of importance; you can finish with the strongest and interesting one in your opinion.

2.    Part 2

Logic connection of parts is very important. Therefore, this part usually begins with the sentence, which contains the main idea. But do not copy it from introduction, because it is desirable to paraphrase it using synonyms. Further all part is devoted to disclosing of the main idea. Disclosing has the structure, which is suitable for all other ideas. It has least 3 subparts (under-ideas).

3.    Part 3

Structure of it is similar to parts 2 except for the last sentence. It should sum up the ideas, which will let reader know that conclusion of all term paper, the analysis and summary will follow further.

4.    Conclusion

The conclusion is a sight forward that is attempted to suppose role of the chosen topic in the future or influence of case in the present. Frequently the conclusion begins with a question. Then you should repeat every main idea with a conclusion and the analysis what will be answer to question. The part comes to the end with the same thesis, which has been put by you in introduction. It is desirable to paraphrase it, of course.

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