How to Make a Thesis


How to Make a Thesis

You can make hundreds of attempts to formulate a thesis statement, still, fail to do it. The reason is that it is difficult to make a thesis from scratch. Developing a thesis statement is not the outburst of inspiration but rather a task that requires some time to accomplish it successfully. So, if you want to know how to make a thesis statement, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find some tips on how to make a thesis successfully.

While PhD thesis writing is not easy and you must follow specific thesis format.

How to make a thesis: Tip 1. Develop your personal position on the problem

  • Reading what others think about the question you are researching may turn out to be rather useful in case you know a little about the matter. Your position may coincide with someone else’s or may differ cardinally from already adopted viewpoints. The key point is that you should truly believe in what you are talking about. Do not be inclined to other’s point of view only because you cannot shape your own position. This will only make it more difficult for you to support it.

How to make a thesis: Tip 2. Formulate your main idea

  • Try to make your message specific rather than vague or general. What is more, do not make it too long. One or maximum two sentences will be quite enough. Write it somewhere on a sheet of paper. This thesis is not final yet. You will come back to it as soon as your paper is completed.

How to make a thesis: Tip 3. Conduct research

  • While researching the topic, some information that you may find in the sources may turn out much useful. They can help you in formulating and improving your thesis statement. So, make notes on the information that can be included into your thesis statement.

How to make a thesis: Tip 4. Come back to your thesis and think what might be changed

  • It is important to keep your thesis flexible until the investigation is actually finished. If you do it, you will not have any difficulties with rewriting it later. So, after you finish researching the topic, come back to your thesis statement and think what can be changed.

A thesis statement is an important element of any paper, it is the framework that every paper is based on. So, it is extremely important to know how to make a thesis correctly. Follow our guidelines and you will learn writing a research paper without any problems!

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