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You might rightly think that not all critical essays writing has a logical structure. However, most college courses in England and America require composition guidelines. For the beginner, the writing technique has the advantage: it provides clear-cut rules for enhancing the effectiveness and readability of essay by stressing unity and logic. Although the rules for essays writing may appear simple in theory, they are difficult to put into practice. It is essential not to give up and to persist in trying to organize your book report writing according to the guidelines:

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Every academic discipline follows college critical essay conventions that are concerned with the documentation of sources.  This feature of college English essay writing which is often subsumed under the term critical apparatus. In the field of English and American literature, there are particularly strict rules of documentation, which have been published in a handbook by the Modern Language Association, the largest and most influential association. College critical essay writing is characterized by consistent and accurate critical apparatus which must contain all primary and secondary texts used for book report writing. This should enable an essay reader to retrace the sources of quotations and paraphrases. Therefore, you have to collect all necessary information concerning a text, including the author's or editor's name, the title of the book, the journal or anthology containing the essay, the year of publication, the volume, and the page numbers.

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The literature used in critical essay writing can be incorporated either in the form of direct quotations or as paraphrases: short passages from primary texts are usually integrated as direct quotations while larger units of meaning as paraphrases. Secondary literature is generally paraphrased, except for important, fundamental statements which require word for word quotation. The critical apparatus usually consists of footnotes and bibliography. Footnotes serve a dual function in college essay writing: first, they allow you to acknowledge the source of information or quotations and to refer to further sources; second, they permit you to expand on a thought which is not directly relevant to the general argument in the essay. The bibliography at the end of the essay is an alphabetically arranged documentation of the primary and secondary literature used for book report writing. While writing critical essay, keep in mind the above information. Using other author's information without reference in your English critical writing will be considered as plagiarism.

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