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An international legislature, in the sense of a body having power to enact new international law binding on the states of the world or on their peoples, does not exist. The very notion that international law requires any deliberate amendment is, indeed, quite a modern one. The international community has been content to rely for the development of its law on the slow growth of custom, and perhaps the first recognition of the need of any consciously constructive process in building up the law was the declaration by the Congress of Paris in 1814 in favour of freedom of navigation on international rivers. This declaration was not very effective, but it was important as showing that in the conference the international community had obtained a sort of rudimentary legislative organ. Little use was made of conferences for this purpose until the latter half of the nineteenth century, but after the Conference of Paris in 1856, at which a famous Declaration dealing with the laws of maritime warfare was agreed to, quasi-legislation by conference became fairly frequent:

The movement took different forms. In part it was inspired by the humane desire to mitigate the horrors of war; examples of this are the Geneva Conventions for ameliorating the condition of the sick and wounded, the first in 1864, and most of the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. It took another form in the foundation of the international administrative system which is referred to in the next section. Lastly, conferences have often been used for the settlement of special political questions by action which is really legislative in character, although it generally preserves the forms of mere mediation between supposedly sovereign states. Instances are, the Conference of London which established the independence of Belgium in 1831; the Conference of London which established that of Luxembourg in 1867; the Congress of Berlin, 1878, which dealt with the affairs of Turkey and the Balkan States; the Conference of Algeciras which dealt with Morocco in 1906. On these and other occasions states, or more often the Great Powers, have asserted a right to decide, by their collective action, questions in which they all felt themselves to be interested, without much regard to the alleged rules of international law concerning intervention, which are based upon a theory of the independence of every sovereign state which is liable to be disregarded in an international crisis. There is no doubt that the conference used in this way has frequently been the means of preventing wars.

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