Law School Personal Statement


Law School Personal Statement

Law School Admission Personal Essay has to be perfect in style, format and, of course, content.  You want to be memorized by the admission committee, don’t you?  Therefore, you should provide comprehensive answers to admission essay questions. You should not copy anything from the internet!  However, it does not mean that you cannot consult online resources for ideas, formatting tips, and general writing guidelines.  In addition, there is an option of using professional essay writing services. Our writers can help you with any step of Law School Admission Essay writing. Below is the sample essay written by our writers on the topic of arbitration.  This essay is not personal statement, though.  We are open 24/7 and you can contact us at any time of day and night!

Law School Personal Statement: Sample

Arbitration and judicial settlement are closely allied; indeed the former is only a species of the latter, for an arbitrator is a judge, although he differs from the judge of a standing court of Justice in being chosen by the parties, and in the fact that his judicial functions end when he has decided the particular case for which he was appointed. The distinction is important, because a standing court is able to build up a judicial tradition and so to develop the law from case to case; it is, therefore, not only a means of settling disputes, but to some extent a means of preventing them from arising. But so far as the parties are concerned, they are as likely to get a satisfactory decision from a court of arbitration as from a court of justice, and there may even be special circumstances which make the former a preferable tribunal; for example, some special technical skill in the members of the court may be more important than a profound knowledge of law. Arbitrators and judges are alike bound to decide according to rules of law; neither possess a discretionary power to disregard the law and to decide according to their own ideas of what is fair and just. No doubt the parties, if they choose, may confer such a power on an arbitrator, or they may agree on special rules which he is to apply to the exclusion of the ordinary rules of law, but they may also confer a special power of this kind on a judge, as is expressly provided in Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice. It should be added, however, that this purely judicial character of an arbitrator's function is not always recognized; the continental view of it has been less strict than our own, and arbitrators have sometimes claimed and exercised a discretionary power to give what they regard as a just, rather than a strictly legal, decision. In practice also, courts of arbitration have not always in the past given the reasons on which their decisions were based, so that it is impossible to be sure what view they may have taken of their function.

Arbitration was a fairly frequent method of settling international disputes in medieval times, but with the rise of the modern state system it fell into disuse until its revival in the nineteenth century, largely through the example of Great Britain and the United States in submitting the Alabama Claims to arbitration in 1871.

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