Long Term Paper 10 Pages


Long Term Paper 10 Pages

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Excerpt of Term Paper on Abortion

In studying the problem of when the fetus can be called human, Daniel Callahan in his book on abortion says that there are many answers depending on whether the investigator is a zoologist, an anthropologist or a sociologist, and that all these opinions must be taken into consideration along with the theologian's. There are those who be lieve the beginning of human life should be judged by genetic criteria (if you are conceived by human parents you are instantly human); and those, says Callahan, who believe in developmental criteria (some -- no one has decided how much -- development is required before a fetus can be called human); and those who would measure what is human with social criteria by measuring the social consequences of the decision. They say that since life is present in the sperm and egg before conception it is useless to say human life begins at any one point. They also point to the fact that people do not feel the same way emotionally toward an embryo or fetus as they do toward a living child. It is their view that since it is a human decision, social dilemmas must be taken into account.

And there is a question of value, says Callahan. "While we may say that human life 'begins' at x point in the developmental process, we may not feel compelled to say that it is necessarily to be fully valued or fully protected at that point."

But the question should not be, some say, whether or not the fetus is human, but whether the mother wants the child. It has been argued that the social evils involved in forced pregnancy against the will of the mother are worse than the possible evil of destroying the fetus.

Critics of this have suggested that allowing a person the right to decide whether to grant human life to the fetus might encourage other such acts as mercy killing in the case of an incurably ill or very old person, infanticide in a case where there is mental or physical deformity, or a return of the gas chamber for criminals. And they have suggested also that if abortion on demand were allowed, if a woman knew she could get rid of the unborn child if she wanted to, it might encourage women to be freer, more promiscuous in their sexual relations. Not only theologians, but doctors are faced with moral, medical and legal dilemmas.

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