Master Thesis


Master Thesis

This page contains information that should help you to define and select a suitable thesis. The important step of master thesis writing is motivation. You have to argue why the thesis topic is worth of investigation. Write what is already known and what your work can add to the existing knowledge. Master thesis should not be short! References and details should be included in the chapter Background. Don't forget to write a thesis statement or research question. The thesis statement will provide the focus on the essentials of your master thesis. The goal of the thesis writing is to produce some new knowledge. You should structure and identify an old problem, develop a new solution to it. It is not easy to produce a new result, task but it is your chance to explore a new area and demonstrate your profound research skills. Describe the contributions you will make through writing a thesis; explain what the added value it creates to the existing body of knowledge and practitioners. For instance, you may create models, guidelines, methods, processes, test hypothesis, evaluate feasibility, etc. Present the main considerable research that you would like to build upon in your master thesis. Show which references or paradigms you plan to follow and why. Present the fundamental concepts that are needed, define the objectives and scope of your work. Write a paragraph on each and refer to existing literature. Describe how you plan to address the problems and reach your goals, how you plan to conduct the necessary literature survey. Write what is already known about the area and the problem you are investigating. While writing a thesis don't forget about outline which can greatly help you with master thesis writing.

Thesis Proposal

Writing a thesis proposal, define a research problem following the below format:

  1. Background of the research problem.
  2. Problem definition.
  3. Theoretical background.
  4. Procedure.
  5. Materials and support
  6. Project schedule
  7. Bibliography

Background of the research problem tells the reader the actuality of the master thesis. Problem definition states a problem and describes the previous approaches and explains why your approach is more effective. Theoretical background gives theoretical information and review of some published literature that is relevant to the thesis proposal problem.

Procedure explain the reader how you will approach the problem by providing a detailed information. Materials and support describes what materials, instruments and facilities you will need to carry out your research. List and briefly discuss them. Project task breakdown and schedule - prepare a task breakdown and schedule of your work. Bibliography lists the publications you have consulted while writing a master thesis.

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