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Maths coursework writing is hated by all students.  Of course, it is a hasty generalization to say that absolutely all students hate Maths coursework writing because there are some maths geniuses who love calculations.  I am not one of them.  However, throughout years of my education I had to write several Math coursework.  Was it easy?  No, it was not.  It was not enough to write something down (I was good at writing) because writing had to be based on specific maths calculations (I was bad at calculations).  Thus, I had a dilemma what to do.  I will not share the secret of my solution at this point. The following three paragraphs are the short sample maths coursework written about the theory of gravitation.  As you noticed, there are no calculations involved.  A rare case for a math coursework!  By the way, site has a free blog with thousands of free essays and papers on any topic!

Maths Coursework Sample

The introduction of the law of gravitation resolved all these difficulties and incorporated the theory of heavenly motions into the very same physical theory which treated terrestrial motions. As a result, the heliocentric theory acquired incontestable strength. It was now proved beyond any doubt that the other planets were not different from the planet earth and that the substance of the other planets could be identified with the rock and clay beneath man's feet, for this is the very essence of the law of gravitation. Earthly and heavenly motions were bound together in one theory, and one could no longer doubt the heliocentric view without doubting the entire structure. Hence the importance which Copernicus and Kepler ascribed to the mathematical element in the theory was vindicated.

However, the most surprising development of the theory of gravitation and one which established a new and unanticipated role for mathematics took place after Newton had deduced a number of conclusions about our solar system. Galileo and Newton had set about finding quantitative laws that related matter, space, time, forces, and other physical properties, but had wisely decided not to look into causal relationships; that is, they had deliberately avoided such questions as why bodies fall to earth or why planets move around the sun. In other words, they had concentrated on description. Nevertheless, they did utilize the force of gravitation, a concept which had been vaguely suggested even before Galileo's time--for example, by Copernicus and Kepler. Since the force of gravitation now assumed central importance, it was natural to ask, What is the mechanism that enables the earth to attract objects and the sun to attract planets? The heightened emphasis on this universal force could not but push such questions to the fore. The properties ascribed to the force of gravitation were indeed remarkable. It acted over distances of inches and millions of miles. It acted instantaneously and through empty space. Nor could the action of the force be suspended or blocked. Even when the moon was between the earth and the sun, the sun continued to attract the earth.

Kepler had considered this question of how the sun could exert its attractive force over so many millions of miles. Impressed by the phenomenon of magnetism which William Gilbert had made popular through a series of famous experiments, he tried to explain gravitational attraction as the action of a magnetic force. He thought that planets were huge magnets attracted by a magnetic force in the sun. But he failed to supply a quantitative expression for this force and to show that it accounted exactly for the paths of the planets

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