MBA application essay


The first step to writng a good MBA essay is to analyse what the MBA application essay question is asking. To do this you need to take a keen look at the keywords of the topic to arrive at the right approach. Business essay topics can ask you to:

  • Compare and Analyze
  • Discuss and Criticize
  • Explain and Illustrate

An MBA application essay that asks you to examine how electronic media has redefined the marketing scope of a product would require a deep analysis of the topic to be researched and written about after proper investigation. If your MBA application essay asks you to ‘discuss’ an issue then you need to shortlist the main views on the subject and give reasons for and against each view.

The choice is yours

Sometimes an MBA application essay will allow you to choose your own topic, in which case you should write on an area in which you are an interested expert; that way you can enjoy writing an MBA application essay that gets you where you want to be. Once you arrive at the topic focus- on a central point or issue throughout your MBA application essay:

Research is the key

Go to the Business Studies section of your library and get a hold of key references on the topic. The time you spend reading and taking notes will add breadth and depth of knowledge to your MBA application essay. You can also access source material from a reputable site online. Include sources like:

  • Relevant articles and case studies
  • Access information from credible sources like the ‘Journal of Marketing’
  • Explore sites like Questia that provide plenty of resources on a variety of business topics.
  • Conduct interviews and surveys to obtain a deeper insight into the topic of your MBA application essay
  • Keep a record of page numbers, the title, author, and publisher along with the date and place so that you can give a list of all the readings in a ‘Works Sited’ or reference page.
  • Make an outline plan of your essay with diagrams and bullet points that flow logically from one another
  • Use business terminology to get to the point in the first draft of your MBA application essay-do not ramble on unnecessarily to sound contrived and clever

Follow these tips for an outstanding MBA application essay.

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