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Media Studies Coursework Writing Strategies

By definition, media studies is a discipline which deals with three aspects of different media, including content, history and effects. If you are writing a media studies coursework, it means that you have to explore one of those aspects in relation to the specific medium, for example, the internet or the newspaper. The subjects in media study vary in their theoretical and practical focuses, but most media studies coursework projects can be divided into three categories:

  • Criticism of the styles and forms
  • Investigation of the production process
  • Sociological analysis of the media

As these three elements suggestion, media studies integrate different sciences and humanities, with many disciplines overlapping. Nevertheless, while writing media studies coursework you should be careful not to confuse the assignment with sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, communication studies, or any other related and yet different discipline.

Media Studies Coursework: Things to Consider

Media studies coursework writing should include the following:

  • Critical and yet creative analysis and research into existing or new forms of media (for example, the internet vs. print media).
  • It is highly recommended to emphasize the emerging digital media and its role in today’s world of media communications
  • For example, you may explore how the emergence of digital media has changed the world we live in
  • You may also discuss the role of media in history of humankind and the overall social progress
  • Your media studies coursework may be purely theoretical in nature:
  • You may explore the impact on media on contemporary life or image a situation when there are no media at all
  • You may offer your individual perception of the specific media or look at how different people use media
  • You may write an effective media studies coursework on the ethics and effects of media on society, public opinion
  • Also, your media studies coursework may be devoted to examination of the relations between the law and media

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