MLA Style Term Paper


MLA Style Term Paper

MLA style is widely used in the humanity term paper writing. MLA style is common for every humanity courses. Term paper writing in MLA style does not require title pages. Instead of a title page, the term paper title is placed in the center of the first page separated from the heading by a blank line. You need not to italicize or underline the title. Term paper outline should be included, however, many tutors do not require submission of outline.  Nevertheless, we strongly advise you write a detailed term paper outline because it helps you to organize the ideas better. 

If you find out a mistake in the printed version of the academic term paper and have no time to reprint the correct version, you may correct the mistake by hand. Cross out the mistake with a single horizontal line and put a caret (^) in the insertion place. Accurately write what you need above the printed line in term paper (not in the line below). It is allowed to make one or two such corrections in the academic term paper.

MLA citation style consists of in-text citations. It refers to alphabetical list of works placed at the end of the term paper. A typical in-text citation is simple: an author and a page number (with no additions like page or pg. or p.): (Smith 99). While writing term paper, include the last name of the author to make a reference to the source you have used or consulted for term paper writing.

Term Paper Format

These recommendations will help you with term paper writing:

  1. Paper.. Term paper should be stapled or paper-clipped in the upper left corner.
  2. Margins. Except for page numbers, leave one-inch margins all around the text of your paper: left side, right side, and top and bottom. The first line of each new paragraph is indented a half-inch on the left. Set-off quotations are indented one inch on the left.
  3. Printing and fonts. Don't turn in handwritten formal work. Print on only one side of the page, in black ink. Use the following font: Times Roman or Arial.
  4. Page numbers. Starting with the first page of term paper, put page numbers a half-inch from the top edge, flush with the right margin. Type your last name before the page number (Brown 1).

Don't forget about term paper outline which is a guide for you to follow while writing your paper, it is a plan for your final document. It should be well-constructed and well thought.

Custom Term Paper Writing

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