Narrative Essay


Narrative Essay

Unlike other types of essays, narrative essay gives you an opportunity to express yourself and your thoughts.  While writing an essay, you have to explain how your experiences have helped you in life. Everybody has had significant experience that helped us to understand something about ourselves, others or the world in a whole. Narrative essay writing gives you a chance to inform the reader about these experiences, your thoughts and ideas.  While writing narrative essay, you should think about the moments that are worth to discuss. These moments may be from your childhood. Choose a vivid time from your childhood, for example, how you earned your first money to buy something that you really wanted. You must describe any of the events in such a way that your reader understands why the event was important and memorable to you. While writing an essay, you should include details which make an event more real for the reader.  The reader should sense your emotions and be able to draw the picture of your experience. Using quotes is not encouraged.  However, is you use quotes, do not forget to express your own thoughts. College narrative essay should be effective and interesting to read.

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While writing a narrative essay, remember that there are some rules you should follow.

  1. You should write it in a first person. However, if it is necessary you may use third person pronouns. It means if you write about your own story, use 'I' if the story is about events that happened to the person you know, use 'he' or 'she'. The narrative essay must be written logically and lack grammar and style mistakes.
  2. While writing a narrative essay, you create a story, i.e. your story must have a plot that describes main characters and setting, climax that tell the reader the peak experience related to your thesis, and the conclusion that contains how the narrative's thesis comes to its full realization.
  3. Narrative essay writing requires a chronological development of the events. However, you can break this rule.
  4. Develop the main idea of your essay.  This main idea is a thesis of your narrative essay.
  5. Remember that supporting examples not only prove your thesis statement but also help the reader to draw a full picture.

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