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As a mode of critical essay writing, the narrative approach, offers writers to think and write about themselves. All of us have experiences that are worth to share with essay readers. Writing an essay on narrative essay topics you tell a story. There are many ways to write narrative essays and you should either follow the format required by your teacher or develop the one you feel comfortable with.  To involve the reader in your story, make your college narrative essay writing vivid and emotional. Provide the essay reader with detailed information. You may write an essay in the form of a story relying on personal experiences. Narrative essays writing is usually filled with details and English essay writers use the technique of storytelling based on plot, characterization, setting, etc. If you do not know how to write a critical essay, read the below example of narrative essay.  We hope it helps you understand better how to write a critical essay.  In addition, you may contact us 24/7 to request custom narrative essay written especially for you:

Examples of Narrative Essays

...What kind of a kid was I? Ornery. Mean. Nice. A nice mean kid. I had a bad temper. My grandfather, who I never knew, was a professional soldier; he fought in the Civil War. He was a cavalry officer, and we had his sword in the house. I'd get mad once in a while and chase my sisters and anybody else who was in the way with that sword. Just to scare them.

Sure, I wanted to be a ballplayer when I was a kid, but it wasn't my first love. Football was. My ambition was to be the greatest football player Notre Dame ever had. When I was ten, I was competing in football against fifteen-year-old kids. Running right over them. Knute Rockne was one of my idols. I heard him talk once on the radio, one of his inspirational talks. I'll never forget it. I'm very emotional. I cry at the movies. I still get the chills when I hear "The Star-Spangled Banner."

I was a hell of a soccer player, too; in fact, I was declared a professional soccer player when I was fourteen years old. I was playing for the Catholic school in St. Louis when some guy came along and offered me $50 to kick soccer one Sunday. He was trying to compete against the pros in St. Louis, and he was signing all the kids from the Catholic schools who could kick soccer and who could run. And he was giving us $50, which was a lot of money. My dad was making $25 a week and supporting twelve children...

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