Outline for a Term Paper


Outline for a Term Paper

Outline for a term paper is a very important element of term paper writing. Outline should be written before you start writing a term paper.  Outline will help you set the direction for the term paper writing. Using custom term paper writing services, outline is delivered for free!  Custom-Paper-Writing.com site unites professional native English writers who are able to help you with term paper writing on any topic!  Our paper writing blog is free and has numerous samples and writing tips.

Term Paper Sample: Free Excerpt

Part of the downward trend of fertility since 1957 was a result of the compressed fertility of the baby boom. Although it is not known whether today's young couples will have appreciably fewer children than couples born during the Depression years, there are two new facts in the picture today which point toward the probability of smaller families. The first is the continuation of the relationship described by Easterlin between fertility on the one hand and the supply of and demand for labor on the other. The bumper crops of babies are now maturing and swelling the ranks of job seekers and their competitive position is much less favorable than that of their counterparts in the late forties who entered the labor force in small numbers in a rapidly expanding economy.

The second factor is the Pill. There is absolutely no evidence that the advent of the Pill initiated the decline in fertility; quite the contrary, the trend was evident for several years before the Pill was used by enough women to have made any substantial impact. But by 1964 this was no longer the case and by 1969 perhaps as many as a third of married couples were using this sophisticated contraceptive. The significance of the use of this method goes beyond its high degree of effectiveness in preventing unwanted fertility. The fact of its popularity among the young means that couples are adopting this method before, as well as early in, marriage, they are developing the contraceptive habit soon enough that increasing proportions of young couples are making decisions about first and second births that were formerly left to chance. This means not only that the length of time between births is increased, but also that the attitudes of successful family planning may be carried over into the later childbearing years. Moreover, an important by-product of postponing early childbearing is that it exposes the woman more to alternative interests potentially competitive with the mother role, such as working; this should also operate to reduce fertility further.

One additional observation about the near future is also in order. Not only is research on new improved contraception progressing rapidly but the possibility of legalized abortion throughout the country seems closer at this moment than it has ever been -- closer indeed than anyone would have guessed even a year or so ago. And if that happens, as it well may, the fertility rate will undoubtedly decline further if the level of unwanted births has remained at anything like the rate estimated for the early 1960's.

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