Paper Proposal Research


Paper Proposal Research: Think before Writing

Writing of a paper proposal is the first step you should take before getting down to your paper project. You may wonder whether it is really necessary to write this paper proposal. Yes, it is! But it should be noticed that many students do not understand why they have to write any additional papers except their assignment paper. So, let’s explain you the issue.

Actually, you support your prospective paper project by writing a paper proposal. You should convince your audience that the topic your have chosen is actual. Besides, you should prove that it is not studied completely; that is why your investigation is worth making. Thus, you see that the success of your paper project depends on a paper proposal considerably. That is why you should think over your paper proposal well and make a kind of paper proposal research. That means that you should think over what points you will highlight in your paper proposal and in what way you will put them.

Paper Proposal Research Writing Steps

Speaking about the paper proposal research one can point out the following steps you should take to write a convincing paper proposal:

Topic. It is obvious that any paper proposal research should begin with studying of the topic you are going to write your paper project on. What kind of study should it be? You should answer the following questions:

  1. What are the matter points of the topic?
  2. Is the chosen topic actual?
  3. Who investigated it before?

Of course, you should also provide the background information in your paper proposal. So, you should study informational materials on the topic properly.

Literature. You should review informational sources that your paper will be based on. State works of researchers who investigated the issue. This part of your paper proposal research should prove that, firstly, your project has the solid basis and, secondly, you have already studied some information on the topic.

Research question. What exactly are you going to study? You should determine a point of the topic that is the most interesting for you and state it in your paper proposal.

Methodology. In what way are you going to make your investigation? You should determine what methods you will apply in your study.

Forecasts. How can you catch the interest of your audience? Of course, by making some predictions. So, what results of your study do you expect? Giving some forecasts at the end of your paper proposal will make it intriguing.

Paper Proposal Research: Get Help!

Thus, these are the main steps of the paper proposal research that will help you write a good paper proposal.

If you have any difficulties with your paper project proposal writing, you may look for help in any paper project proposal sample placed in the Internet or contact us! We guarantee you professional help!

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