Parts of a Thesis

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Parts of a Thesis

  • While writing parts of a thesis - be wary of questions. Rhetorical questions are often used in writing, but are much less common in theses, where an argument should be clearly stated, not hinted at by means of rhetorical questions. Sometimes, for stylistic purposes, you might choose to pose a question to engage the reader's interest. However, thesis examiners will usually expect you to give your own answer to raised question rather than leave it hanging for others to research.
  • Use gender-neutral, dispassionate language. Avoid terms such as 'he' unless you are talking about a specific person. Such terms can usually easily be replaced with gender-neutral language, e.g. 'the manager', 'the researcher'. Similarly, demeaning and dismissive language should be avoided. For example, be careful of criticizing previous researchers in a dismissive or personal way. If your English thesis writing appears to be sexist or arrogant, you may alienate your thesis examiner. Worst of all, your examiner may be a friend of or even the author of work you criticized while writing a thesis.  They are unlikely to look sympathetically on criticism which does not appear to be well founded and objective. This does not mean that you should avoid pointing out gaps in previous literature or failings of previous studies in the course of your academic thesis writing. Master thesis must be well-written and properly formatted.
  • While writing a thesis, always use the spell-check and grammar-check functions. Spelling and grammar checks are not substitutes for careful editing, but will rapidly identify many problems in your writing. Your instinctive last action before you print any document to give to your supervisor should always be a spell check. Failure to detect and remove misspelled words is a direct indicator is your inadequate attention to thesis writing.

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