Personal Essay


Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay you should remember about its purpose. The purpose of personal essay writing is to express your personal opinion about  an issue, problem, situation, etc. Writing an essay remember about the audience.  Do not write for a teacher!  When you read your own personal essay, you should understand yourself and your ideas.  It is also recommended to ask a friend or a relative to read your personal essay aloud.  Thus, you will notice the mistakes and gaps in flow you have probably missed before. Make your personal essay writing fresh and lively. It must differ from essays written by other students. Do not write personal essays in a company of other students!  Make yourself memorable! If you succeed in writing memorable essay you 100% distinguish yourself from other students and get a good grade on it. Write your personal essays logically, describing the line of events. Tell what you know, make some research, if needed; write an essay in academically accepted format. Avoid cliches writing personal essays.

Personal Essays: freedom of speech in Australia

Please, read essay example about freedom of speech.

...The achievement of free speech in general and legal free speech in particular is never complete, nor should it be. The light beckoning at the end of the tunnel is often a mirage or a firefly briefly lighting the path of those relatively few souls who make legal matters the object of their contemplations and, especially, their outspoken criticism. Sometimes, there is indeed light that will only in very few instances mean the emergence, albeit temporarily, from the tunnel. More often than not, the light signifies no more than a turning or a twist or a light vent in a tunnel, which for the vast majority of societies in the West will seemingly never end in the sunlight of a vital, dynamic, and responsible system of free speech in the legal domain, a system that responds to the needs of a democratic society and also responds to the protection of certain other vital interests of the individual in a humane society. In most respects, one society has to a significant extent emerged in the sunlight of a system of legal free speech that is responsive to the needs of a free society, especially because of the theory of the law as handed down by its highest court. The same holds true concerning unfettered access to information about legal matters...

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