Persuasive Essays on Abortion


Persuasive essays on abortion should point out that whether or not abortion should be allowed has long been a controversial topic for heated debate and discussion: While many are for it-others oppose it vehemently. This has been the case ever since American women have been given the legal right to abort an unwanted child under the 14th Amendment of the constitution in 1973.

Persuasive essays on abortion should start by taking a stand that is either for or against abortion by offering a thesis statement in the first paragraph that reads something like, “It is the contention of this essay that abortion should be easily available for women who have an unwanted pregnancy due to the following reasons…”

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Points for abortion

Even though it has been argued that aborting a child once it is conceived boils down to the taking of a helpless life-others feel that a child in the womb has not yet developed in to a human being-(some argue that the soul only enters an infant shortly before birth)-and so it is not wrong to do away with an unwanted pregnancy at an earlier stage.

Those that vehemently decry abortion do so on religious grounds by stating that it is a sin to take a helpless life. Two of the main religions that oppose abortion are:

  1. The Catholics
  2. Muslims

The entire argument has divided the public into those that vehemently oppose abortion and these have become known as pro-life activists; while those that are for the free choice of women are known as pro-choice activists. Both have strong views for and against abortion.

Persuasive essays on abortion should point out that while many oppose abortion on religious and ethical grounds- women who are actually carrying the child feel that they need to get ownership of their own bodies-(instead of having people telling them what to do) Pro-choice activists also firmly believe that life only begins at birth and so there is nothing wrong with terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

Persuasive essays on abortion should draw attention to the fact that pro-choice activists arguing for abortion may be doing so for a number of very good reasons like:-

  • Reluctant mothers may be trying to terminate an unhappy marriage
  • They  lack the means to support a child
  • They are too young and a teenage pregnancy can result in the life of both the mother as well as the child-getting ruined.

Pro-choice activists argue that a mother that does not want her child and is forced to have the baby is also most likely to ill-treat the child or deny the nurturing love and care that he/she would require growing into a mature and well balanced human being.

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