Persuasive Research Paper


Persuasive research paper: Lead-in!

Persuasive research papers are general-purpose in high school and college-level English or writing classes. The main idea of a persuasive research paper is to argue a specific side of the question.

To know some statement points will be helpful for you during your writing process. Your teacher should keep you focused on the main point. But before you start creating the persuasive research paper, you first must choose an issue/problem to persuade the reader about, decide on a side of the issue to argue and research that side.

Persuasive research paper: How to Write a Good Persuasive Research Paper?

If you asking yourself this question, you have some doubts in correct writing research papers.

However, you should know that there is no hopeless situation. You can always find a way out, and you almost had done it. If you are reading this article and recognizing yourself, it would be better to continue reading. And now, if you still want to write a persuasive research work successfully you should follow next advices:

  • Try to make a preliminary plan/ scheme of your research paper.
  • Write your topic/ theme at the top of the plan. This will give you a guiding point.
  • Remember that all points in your paper, and on the plan, should move around and support the thesis. So the thesis should state the issue and the side of the issue that you are arguing.
  • Try to use at least three main headings in your plan. Titles should begin with Roman numerals
  • (I, II, III…)
  • Use a general title to identify definite angle on the issue/problem to persuade. As a rule, persuasive research papers begin with common information and move toward more special information.
  • Try to use at least two paragraphs for each main heading. Do not forget that paragraphs should be numerated with the capital letters. Paragraphs are used to explain the main idea of sub-titles.
  • Try to use as much classification as possible in your plan. Use numbers in further separation of the paragraph. Further classifications are used to give more information about each paragraph to support the argument.
  • Now, when you have divided your persuasive research paper into parts (paragraphs, chapters), you should include all the information from your research in the parts, where it belongs.
  • Try to use whole the variety of sources.
  • Use citations and well-known quotations for your sources to help you remember which source to use in the research paper. Source information should not be included as one of the main category; backwards, try to use it as a paragraph.

Persuasive research paper: Flashback!

Try to write persuasive research paper carefully and accurately. Only in such case you will get a good result, pay attention to the subject of writing and your personal style. Pay attention to errors!

When you finished creating research, take a rest and later with new forces try to check your work.

Hope, this article was useful for you, and you got some experience in writing persuasive research paper.

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