PhD Thesis


PhD Thesis

PhD thesis is a report on the research conducted. This report should describe what was already known about the problem under consideration previously, what you did to solve this problem, what you think the results obtained during research may mean, and how the further progress in the research area can be made. Do not forget to review free article on thesis format, research paper thesis writing as well as read great guide on writing a thesis .

To write PhD thesis successfully, students should keep in mind that thesis writing differs much from undergraduate writing where they are expected to simply answer an assignment. What is more, in undergraduate assignments the reader usually knows what the answer is supposed to be. If it concerns PhD thesis writing, the reader does not know what your answer to the question will be. You have to present your ideas and backup them with solid evidence.

Evidently, your examiners will read your PhD thesis. These people are experts in the general field of your topic. However, nobody but you is the world expert of a particular issue regarding your research topic. That is why when writing PhD thesis, keep in mind that you should make the topic clearer to the reader.

The style of PhD thesis

It is obvious that your text should be clear, and your grammar should be perfect. Still, scientific writing requires more than that. Keep your sentences short and simple. Of course, sometimes you will need to use complicated sentences because an idea may be much complicated. Some lengthy technical words will also be necessary especially in case you are writing PhD thesis on biochemistry or alike. Still, you should always remember that non-native speakers may also be readers of your PhD thesis. That is why you should care about simplicity of your sentences.


Sometimes students spend too much time on figures, diagrams, tables, etc. However, this time might be spent on examining arguments, making the explanations clearer, checking the mistakes, etc. The reason of course is that it is much easier to draw something than to think how to improve your writing. Actually, a neat diagram may be drawn even by a hand faster and scanned to include it into PhD thesis.

If you use photographs for your PhD thesis, think about an appropriate compression format, such as .jpg (for photos) or .gif (for diagrams). Further, you will be able to save space or speed by reducing the number of colors.

This is only the smallest part of the information you should know about PhD thesis. Still, nobody but your supervisor will better explain you how to prepare it successfully.

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