Pride and Prejudice Essay


Pride and Prejudice Essay: the Critical View on the Paper

For the first time, I read the book “Pride and Prejudice” of Jane Austen in 1997. At that moment I didn’t know this book considered as the best author’s book about love. Today I understand that a lot of modern writers could learn the narration style of Austin and her ability to neglect the unnecessary details in description.

The novel “Pride and Prejudice” is easy, understandable and catchy story, which takes the reader’s breath away form the first pages. And it is not a big surprise that the literature masterpiece was filmed numerous times.

Let us imagine that we got the assignment to write an essay about that artwork. How can we cope with that task? Just follow the recommended steps and everything will be fine.

Pride and Prejudice essay: Define the Conception

In other words, you think up the purpose of your essay. Remember, that essay requires the purpose identification and the explanation of the topic from various points of view. Backing to Pride and Prejudice essay we can choose the appropriate topic, in the question form.

For example, “how does the film interpretation differ from the original book?”, or, “What are the main similarities and differences between the movie and the original book”? The topic should be modern, laconic and actual. When you compose the introduction do not forget to put the thesis.

Pride and Prejudice essay: Main Body and Topic’s Description

Then you start to describe the main topic. When you ask the question, be ready to answer it with a due argumentation. You present your critical view both on the movie and the book, describe, how the characters from film imitated the characters from the story? Did they fail or succeed in this task? How did the director see and meet the standards of Jane Austen’s book? What kind of values the author tried to show, and how did it present in the movie? Anyway, show your fantasy and wit, and do not forget to answer all the issues.

Pride and Prejudice essay: Outcome

In the end of your work, you make a clear conclusion: for instance, you may describe the role of the book and the value of movie for the next generation. Express your last main opinion in order to finalize the article. Do not forget to check your Pride and Prejudice essay up! It will be a shame, if you fail during the examination.

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