Problem and Solution Essay


Problem and Solution Essay

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Problem and Solution Essay Sample

The importance of this phase of the inquiry is attested by the fact that, according to official statistics, a large percentage of persons arrested for crime, who are entitled, therefore, to be produced before a magistrate, are released without being charged. Studies of large samples of arrests in different jurisdictions have indicated that somewhere between 44 and 48 per cent of those arrested have been released without being charged before a magistrate. It is clear that many persons accused and detained should not have been placed under arrest. In order to avoid illegal arrest and detention, the authorities frequently hold suspects as material witnesses. Occasionally this detention is very prolonged.

The prevailing practices of police and prosecution partially explain the weakened role of the preliminary and grand jury hearings; at these hearings the prosecutor merely brings out what he has been able to discover in secret process. Police and prosecution practices also account largely for the very high proportion of criminal cases that are settled on pleas of guilty to a lesser charge; the prosecutor has usually secured such pleas through interrogations conducted by his office with the aid of the police. Abuses that sometimes occur have prompted a number of authorities to recommend that a system of judicial inquisition similar to that employed on the Continent should be adopted here, thus ensuring the establishment of rules and protections to guide the processes of interrogation and charge. Thus the original inquiry into guilt might become primarily a function of the magistrate, guided by established principles of justice and humanity to the suspect. Failing this, it has been proposed that a recording of the police interrogation, with or without a filming of the process, should be required as evidence that the procedure has been fair and without coercion.

Usually these suggestions have met with intense opposition both from police and prosecutor's offices. It may well be argued that the police require greater freedom of some sorts in making arrests and in securing evidence than the law provides and that the prosecution should be allowed more time to interrogate and to gather evidence. The fundamental fact is, however, that under a system that strives toward justice under law, policy and practice should be guided firmly by the law and not by expedience or by the erratic whims of administrative conscience. It has been recommended that state laws should be changed to permit the police to detain any suspect for a period of two hours without being required to show cause and to frisk where there may be no basis for arrest.

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