Research Paper Conclusion


Research Paper Conclusion

All research paper ideas should be organized in a plan. Research paper should have the following parts:

  1. Title page. It should contain full title of your research paper, your name, and name of the institution, the date, course, etc.
  2. Table of contents. Remember that new chapter of the research paper should begin on a new page. The research paper should be divided into the chapters using logical method; the major chapter should be subdivided into sections and subsections.
  3. Abstract and Introduction. This is the overview of the whole research paper. It gives reader an opportunity to learn what the research paper is about. Focus and narrow your research, present a summary of your findings and outline research paper main ideas. 
  4. Body and Literary review. Tells the reason why you have started to write this research paper, prove your understanding of the problem you've decided to investigate. Literature review helps to put your research into a background context and to explain its importance. While writing a research paper, include only the books and articles which are directly relevant to your topic. Remember that you need to be analytical and critical and not just describe the works that you have read. You should describe methods and principles which were used and why you've decided that they were the appropriate for your research paper writing. Give a clear presentation of your results while writing a research paper. Show the results and calculations. Explain how they compare with those of others who have done research in the same field of study.
  5. Conclusion. Research paper conclusion should summarize briefly the main points which were discussed in the body. Note whether you have answered all of the questions which you raised while writing a research paper.
  6. Bibliography. List all the sources cited throughout the research paper.

Research Paper Writing

While writing a research paper, you should use numerous resources.  In-depth research helps you to understand what is known about a given phenomenon, what experiments or project were done on the chosen topic in science. A literature review should demonstrate that you have read and analyzed literature relevant to your topic. So, you should select and analyze the books and articles which are related to your topic. The aim of review is to provide you and your readers with information of what is already known on your topic.

Research Paper Help

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