Research Paper Format


Research Paper Format

While writing research paper, you should keep in mind three essential parts of the research paper format: introduction, body, and conclusion. Research paper outline is your guide for organizing parts of your research paper writing into a coherent project.  You need to consult your tutor to get detailed instruction on research paper format.

Body is the largest part of research paper writing.  While writing a research paper main body, you need to choose a strategy and keep it through the writing.  If you are able to link description with argument, it functions in a similar way to a quotation.  Research paper reader expects you to discuss it in relation to the content and purpose of writing. You may describe two laws or two kings of England.  Research paper topic determines the research paper format you need to use.  Sometimes, chronological order cannot be applied to theoretical analysis, while the historical research should be presented in chronological order. You may describe a social problem or a scientific discovery prior to going further into discussion of its implications. Research paper is about critical analysis and interpretation.

Sure, interpretation should be based on reliable sources.  As essence of research paper writing holds, you have to research something (an issue, an event, etc.).  You should be very careful with the choice of materials and devote a lot of time and efforts to description, analysis, and planning of the research paper format.  You should make points, construct arguments, and remain critical of your own writing.

You may analyze pros and cons of what has already been noted on the issue.  For example, you may note that some of the studies have lost their actuality and can no longer be used as a foundation for current research.  Any tutor will advise you to focus your writing on recent publications and be attentive to the personal biases.  Do not let your personal opinion distort the facts!

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