Research Paper Topic Ideas


Research Paper Topic Ideas

While writing research paper, you should remember that it must be based an original controversial topic. Research paper writing requires exploration of some problem (for example, terrorism, abortion, genetically modified food). The topic shouldn't be too general. If you are interested in investigating the topic you care about, you should read as much literature as you can find. It help you not only to narrow your research paper topic but also to know more about the chosen topic. For example, the topic 'Abortion' is too general, but you may investigate one side of this problem while writing academic research paper. The narrow one will be 'Induced abortion as an independent risk factor for breast cancer'. While writing research paper on this very topic, you should give general information in the introduction about the problem of the abortion in the modern world. A thesis statement should also be presented at the end of the research paper writing introduction. You should write possible pros and cons in the body of your research paper. It'll be a good idea to present data which support your arguments; otherwise you will end with opinion paper, not research paper. The body paragraphs should explain your chosen position on the topic supported with the evidence. Finally, research paper conclusion is a last step where you should include concluding remarks.

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If you have some uncertainty how to write a research paper, this part of the article will give you helpful information for research paper writing (referencing secondary sources):

  1. Use secondary sources while writing research paper. It means that your research may come across the other writer who quotes or discusses another book or author. In this case, you must cite on the reference page the source where you have found this reference to another book. However, the original sources may not be included in your reference page of the research paper. However, you obviously must include source where you have found the reference. Besides, you must tell the reader the name of the author whose work was paraphrased or quoted. For example: Anderson (as cited in Jackson, 1998, p. 71) the professor of linguistic reports that... 
  2. If necessary, you need to add appendix page. If you have appendix, mark it as Appendix in the center at the top of the research paper page. If you have two, three, four etc. use capital letters beginning with the first one (Appendix A, Appendix B etc.). The appendix shouldn't be placed on the reference page.

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