Research Paper Topics


Research Paper Topics

If you are assigned to write a research paper you should first define a research paper topic. You may investigate different spheres such as humanity, social science, history etc. Research paper in sciences generally involves recognizing a scientific problem to be solved, setting up an experiment design to yield useful data, and interpreting the data in the context of scientific knowledge. While writing research paper, you should use library resources, they help you to understand what is known about a given phenomenon, what experiment or project were already done on the chosen subject in science. You should read large volume of scientific literature before research paper writing. However, you will notice that there is wealth of resources which are not relevant to your research paper topic.  You should avoid using them as well as set yourself apart from unreliable article.  From this perspective, articles from peer-reviewed journals are the most appropriate.  While writing research paper and looking for scientific materials, you should choose search terms carefully, work from the most recent publications to earlier ones, sorting out schools of thought. Reading a scientific literature helps you to find out the most important and relevant information for your research paper topic. Consult a librarian to determine which resources are the best for your research and whether they are available.

Research Paper Topics Tips

While writing research paper for humanities class, you have to interpret a text or a work of art within a historical and cultural context, make connections, explore the attached meaning, and uncover contradictions. While writing a research paper, resources are collected for the three purposes: to obtain primary information to be interpreted or analyzed, to find secondary sources to put primary sources in a critical context, to seek answers to specific questions that arise during research. Writing research paper is often interdisciplinary, crossing boundaries between literature and history, philosophy and art, or music and religion. Because the subject areas are hard to categorize, the terminology used in humanities research may be less solid and agreed upon than in other fields. Researchers in the humanities are more likely to draw material from texts and artifacts than from original data gathering and experimentation. They must be prepared to be flexible, both in search terminology and in search strategy writing research paper, tolerant of multiple perspectives on the same object of study, prepared to use citations from relevant texts to locate other material and clarify connections among works, willing to return to the library as new questions arise. Research paper format is usually specified by the tutor and can be very different, however, the basic components should be preserved:  introduction, research hypothesis, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, analysis, recommendation, and conclusion.

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