Research Papers Proposal


Research Paper Proposal

A research paper proposal is a paper that briefly outlines the most essential issues of your research. A research paper proposal is handed to the defense committee in order for them to estimate the level of your preparation for research. If you get approval from them, you may start research and writing your research paper itself. If you need help writing a research paper or do not know how to write a research paper, you should contact us for professional research paper writing service! We deliver " research paper no plagiarism"!

For a novice at conducting independent research, a research paper proposal may seem rather a complicated assignment. Still, with a bit of practice, efforts, and our guide a research paper proposal will be much easy to produce. So, follow the guidelines below.

1.    Decide on the topic

Choosing a research paper topic is one of the most serious and important first steps to making a research paper proposal. You have to think over several factors influencing your decision as for the topic: the needs of research community, your personal preferences, and supervisor’s recommendations.

2.    Explore the historical context of the topic under consideration

Find out who else investigated the similar problems in their works and what their approaches to it were.

3.    Formulate the objectives of your research

It is very important for you to see the purpose you have to aim at. It will help you rally your thoughts together and get ready for the work.

4.    Make the introductory part for your research paper proposal

The introductory part of a research paper proposal usually introduces the problem under consideration. Here, tell what you are going to investigate, what results you suppose to obtain, and how you are going to achieve your purposes.

5.    Make up a literature review

A literature review is another compulsory part of a research paper proposal. A review of literature is not only enumeration of existing works devoted to a certain problem. It is a deep analysis of these works presented in a form of logically connected standpoints on your research paper topic.

6.    Inform on the research methods you are going to use

Methodology is the last main part of a research paper proposal. Here, you have to present the methods chosen for doing research and explain your choice. In this part of your research paper proposal, explain why these methods are applicable and effective in relation to your research topic. How do you think they might help you?

If you follow the guidelines presented above, you are sure to create a well-structured research paper proposal and get approval from the committee. If you are looking for research paper example, surf our free blog for numerous research proposals written from scratch!

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