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Sample Admission Essays

Admission essays sample about personal achievements and community service:

...In the Urban Health Care Program I did an elective at Women in Crisis, a program in Harlem for women with HIV/AIDS. I did workshops in churches, beauty parlors, and nail salons. I stood on corners distributing condoms and literature. I talked to women for hours, not just about HIV/AIDS but also about other issues affecting their health and/or well-being: self-esteem, safe sex, drug/alcohol abuse, the importance of an education. The following summer, I also participated in the AMSA/NHSC Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Project at the Institute for Urban Family Health in New York City. I developed lower literacy material on a variety of health topics.

During my clerkships, I believe that I was able to bring all my skills”and caring to fusion. Patients at all age levels and genders seemed to take to me. My most rewarding clerkship (among many successful ones) was an elective I did at the Phillips Family Practice at Jefferson Medical College. I felt like a doctor, perhaps the way they were portrayed in old movies: like a family confidante, like a friend. I worked in an office and even made (my pleasure) home visits. I spoke to middle-aged patients about Diabetes and Hypertension and to adolescents about sex, social, or cultural issues - the death of a rap star, for example, why an eight-year-old shouldn't be drinking Kool-Aid. At Phillips, I felt that my life's sum was sending a resounding message: Family Practice would be my choice. But with a heart!...

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