Saving Private Ryan Essay


Saving Private Ryan Essay

The first paragraph of a Saving Private Ryan essay should spell out the main purpose or thesis behind the essay. To do this you should familiarize yourself with the original source by:

  • Reading in and around the text
  • Reading of literary reviews
  • By watching the film a few times.

Once you are familiar with the source, brainstorm before asking yourself the following questions and writing the outline of your essay:

  • According to you is Saving Private Ryan all about exposing the ugly face of war-instead of glorifying it?
  • Do you think there is a very real misrepresentation of life due to the fact that the role that women played in the war has been entirely ignored?
  • Is the theme of Saving Private Ryan anti-war or anti-women?

Your Saving Private Ryan essay should comment on the fact that this is a film in which "Women appear, only very briefly, as mothers, wives, typists" (Gans). In that sense does Saving Private Ryan give an accurate picture of the Second World War in which the pivotal role of women has long been recognized? (It is a well known fact that women took over the day to day running of the country at a time when most of the men were away at war)-so does Saving Private Ryan give a faulty view that implies that men were largely responsible for saving our country and that women had a very limited role to play as housewives and typists?

Your Saving Private Ryan essay should also draw attention to the fact that Graham is trying to show us what the frontlines of war are really like; as he focuses on the slaughter and mayhem of the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach and we witness horrific scenes of a soldier picking up his own arm, an injured soldiers guts spilling out, or a legless soldier trying to crawl with the help of his arms.

Graham does not spare the viewers the horrors of war but in the process feminists feel that he is passing a comment on the insignificance of women by keeping completely silent about their role "Women are virtually absent from Private Ryan, and they appear only in a soft-focus montage of breasts and lapping waves (Goldstein).

These are some of the aspects your Saving Private Ryan essay can touch on.

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