Scholarship Application Essay


There are so many scholarships worth billions of dollars that are available year after year-but to get your share of the pie you need to write a scholarship application essay that can outdo the efforts of your competitors.

Before writing a scholarship application essay, it is important for you to think through what you are going to write about and why.

  • After deciding on a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, you should give an in depth insight of it
  • After completion of your scholarship application essay, you need to check it thoroughly for spelling and grammar mistakes

A scholarship application essayshould start with an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic and spells out your thesis statement; leading in to a follow up paragraph that starts with a transition word or phrase that relates to the last sentence of the essay.

Three or more body paragraphs that elaborate a point each; written in order of importance should end with a strong conclusion in the final paragraph. This should reinforce all the findings that validate your thesis statement.

  • The scholarship application essaybody paragraphs should consist of a sentence indicating the topic, evidence that supports your thesis statement and a concluding sentence that summarizes the paragraph.

The first step to write a scholarship application essayis to chalk out an outline. You can do this by jotting the main topic along with as many supporting details as you can. Use this outline to write your essay efficiently and easily.

Add a personalized touch

Play up your strengths by adding as many examples as you can to substantiate your claims. It is also a good idea to refer to some winning Scholarship essays before actually starting your own. Once you go through some successful scholarship essays analyze why you think they have accomplished what they have set out to do.

  • Notice the dramatic and captivating introduction as well as the personal details that make it different to any other run of the mill essay.

Go on line to get some goodscholarship application essayexamples or ask your college councilor to give you access to some winning scholarship application essays-then put on your thinking cap to see how you can use these examples as models to enhance your own scholarship application essay

Best of luck!

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