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Self Critique Essay: Get a High Grade

Self-critique is always a difficult and unpleasant task to any person. Of course, who likes to be criticized. The answer is no one. However, if you treat the task of self-critique essay writing in a humorous way, it will not be so difficult for you to cope with the task, because of criticizing does not mean stating that the person is bad or good one. You do not have to enumerate just bad qualities of your personality. Self-critique does not mean presenting only poor sides of your character. You have to evaluate yourself in an objective way; that is a proper self-criticizing.

Write Successful Self-Critique Essays!

To succeed in completing the task of self-critique, we recommend you to speak to your parents, friends, and even teachers in order they to describe your personality. However, do not simply listen what they are going to say about you. Make notes of their words as you will find this information to be very useful while your self-critique professional essay writing online.

After you have gathered enough information, it is recommended dividing it into two separate columns, which you can title, for instance, positive self-critique and negative self-critique. Write down this information according to these two columns and add your own point of view about yourself. After that, start writing your self-critique essay:

However, it is not advised first to enumerate all your positive features of character and after that the negative ones, as it may seem to your professor that you either boasting or humiliating yourself. That is why we recommend you to mention several positive features of character and after that to state what you want to change in yourself and so one, and so force.

The Format Of Writing Self-Critique Essay

The scheme of self-critique work writing is one and the same with a scheme of all the other kinds of essays. Your essay should consist of three main parts, which are introductory part, body, and conclusion. Do not neglect any part of writing and pay proper attention to each of them. In your introductory part, write which aspects of your personality you are going to deal with in your self-critique writing. In the body, present your personality with the help of deep analysis of your features of character. In the concluding part sum up all the above-mentioned information and make a proper conclusion on the subject of which kind of person you are.

Follow our pieces of advice and you will write a good self-critique work and receive a high grade for it.

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