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Sociology is a field of study that is more than just a couple of college courses and text books full of abstract theories. Although many other areas of study also are applicable outside the classroom, sociology is one that truly permeates every aspect of life. It is no surprise that many people are now turning to sociology to better understand their lives, careers, and everyday interactions. Many people are realizing that sociology is more than just that required undergraduate college course that they didn't think would ever apply to their life or help advance their career. Karen Jensen explains in the book Careers in Sociology by W. Richard Stephens that “I wasn't much interested in the social sciences. I saw my future in medicine, as a nurse” (Karen Jensen as quoted by Stephens, 28). Karen later realized though that in order to better understand her professional surroundings and organization she needed to reconsider sociology as a possible and rewarding area of study. Karen says she “found in organizational sociology a helpful understanding, or framing, of the work issues” (Karen Jensen as quoted by Stephens, 28). Considering that sociology is the study of people and society, it is applicable in almost any person's life and career. Everyone can benefit from learning about sociology and understanding the social aspects of their own organization, coworkers, and, of course, themselves:

People have found their way to sociology in numerable ways, which is what the book Careers in Sociology accurately illustrates. Some people reviewed in the book knew right away that their careers would come out of their love for sociology, whether it was a career doing statistical studies or doing social service work in the community. Whatever the career outcome may be, many people started with an interest in sociology in school that lead them into to a certain career. Other people, however, “found” sociology only after they had already advanced in a career or another area of study. For many, sociology offered something that was needed in their careers or education, whether it was statistical research methods, understanding work organization, or applying theory.

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