Statement of purpose essay


A statement of purpose essay is exactly what it claims to be-a statement of your purpose in life. What is it that you want to achieve by choosing a particular course or college? And how will this help you to fulfill your purpose?

Before starting to write a statement of purpose essay it is essential for you to do some soul searching. What kind of a person are you? Are you driven by a strong drive to help the poor and needy? Then this would be an adequate reason for looking for admission in to a social work course.

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Short is sweet

The golden rule is that if you can say it in six words, don’t use twenty. Ensure that what you say is relevant and interesting. If it is not-don’t say it-this is one time when silence really proves golden.

Tips for success

  • Write on an aspect of life that you have knowledge and interest in. Enjoyment while writing ensures reading enjoyment. If you are a practical down to earth person-use your power of observation to reinforce your central point. If you are more bent towards the ‘why’ of things then look at the esoteric aspects
  • Make your writing style unique and gripping. Do not repeat points or incidents as this can bore the reader who will quickly loose interest
  • Illustrate your statement of purpose essaywith your past experience and achievements that have left you better equipped to fulfill your goal in life.
  • Examine how future plans and long term goals will get realized if you are given a chance in your chosen college.
  • Motivate the admissions committee to read through your statement of purpose essayby weaving a human interest story around it. Mention specific incidents in which you made a difference. Do not just list your qualities without narrating what helped you to discover your purpose in life.
  • Ensure that your statement of purpose essay has a proper structure with the introductory paragraph stating your purpose and following paragraphs highlighting the logical steps you undertook to reaffirm your purpose.
  • The concluding paragraph should leave the admissions committee feeling that you are the logical choice for admission.

Ensure that your statement of purpose essay sounds enthusiastic and positive. Do this by zeroing in on your winning qualities and playing down your negative points.

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